Travel And Vacation At Barbados In The Caribbean

Escape to a world of endless summers and sun-kissed beaches, where the dazzling ocean welcomes you each morning and a painted sunset settles along the western shores of the Caribbean every night. Nestled on the “Island of Eternal SummerBarbados is a relatively flat island rising west to east in a series of terraces to its highest point Mount Hillaby, which is 1100ft. On the western side of the island, the sea is relatively calm. However, on the eastern side where the waves roll in from the Atlantic the coast is much more rugged. This is a perfect choice for a Caribbean family vacation or a special island holiday. Noted also for its excellent scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing and boat cruises at its best. There is easy access to horseback riding, tennis, and special rate golf.The island has one airport, Grantley Adams International which is a thirty (30) minute drive from the capital, Bridgetown. Barbados is serviced by a number of international airlines including Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Air Jamaica, BWIA International and Virgin Atlantic. Barbados, with over 900 miles of paved roads, is considered to have one of the best systems of roads in the Caribbean.The resorts start at $52.00 dollars a day to $141.00 a day. Two of many choices!Time Out at the Gap at $52.00 a dayAffectionately referred to as Time Out- this place was created for relaxation! Parties and local entertainment three times a week are the rule around the nicely landscaped pool and at the Whistling Frog Restaurant & Bar, outfitted with large screen TV, pool-tables and dart boards. As the Party Monarch of the South Coast, this three-star hotel is located in the St. Lawrence Gap area ?the best known, most kicking party scenes in Barbados. With its frequent happy hours, its always happening bar even attracts local professionals who go there to mingle and be happy.The Savannah at $99.00 a day.Truly a complementary blend of the traditional and the modern, the Savannah is the most prestigious of the Gems. From here, a world apart, one is just ten minutes away from down town Bridgetown and twenty-fine minutes from the International Airport. Almost two hundred years old, its original main building is nicely complimented by the ultra modern architecture and tropical foliage of its newly built extension. Together, they comprise ninety-eight of the most luxurious rooms on the South coast. Boasting a beachfront location, the Savannah also offers its guest the choice between two fresh water pools, one of which meanders through the length of the dramatic setting of the new wing.Together with the fitness and beauty facilities for both women and men, Swedish massage, facials, manicures and pedicures, help ensure a leisurely pampering experience. Two restaurants offer a delightful mix of Caribbean and International cuisine and three bars, including the ever- popular swim-up bar mix exotic tropical cocktails. Nightly local entertainment (including weekly Managers Cocktail Parties) add sparkle to one of the finest holiday experiences that guests can expect on the South Coast of Barbados.

Have A 5 Star Holiday At 3 Star Rates

Ever dream of having a 5-star holiday without going broke! Well the dream can come true if you just know how to get the best rate. Travel and holiday accommodation can be expensive but today the market is full of unbeatable deals and you can get fabulous discounts if you book early, online, and off season.Hotels and travel are most expensive during holiday season so if you want your family to have a great holiday then you need to:o Spend holidays at home and plan a getaway vacation during off season. When hotels are not chock-a-block they run great packages, marketing promos, and discount rate offers. This is when you can book into a spa, resort or 5-star hotel and not feel the strain on your pocket.o Throughout the year you should look for coupons or great getaway packages offered by your credit card company. Make use of these many of these include stay, meals, and trips for a set price at a great luxury hotel.o Book early. Many hotels give discounts on rates if you make confirmed bookings with payment well in advance.o Search the hotel directories on the World Wide Web for great offers. On the internet one can find deals, compare rates and facilities and book the holiday without leaving home.o Check if your reward programs have any tie -ups with hotel chains. Many airlines and credit card giants have great networking and as a marketing exercise they offer their members unbelievable discounts on travel, stay, and pampering.o Opt for a tour package. That way the whole family will have a great vacation at no extra costs. Many tour operators have tie-ups with big hotel chains and offer accommodation at wonderful places. By taking a tour you can see places and have a great vacation.o If you are a great photographer and writer you could earn some of the money spent on the vacation by writing an illustrated article on the spot you vacationed in. Many travel magazines and websites are always looking for unusual and great material on travel spots.o Very often if you are taking a long haul flight the airline will offer a free stop over in a destination of choice. Use this option and enjoy your stay. Before you firm up bookings find out from the travel agent or airline representative what your options are.o If the family group is large choose the “group booking” option. Group rates are always lower than normal rates. Meet the hotel representative and ask whether the hotel will extend any special courtesies for groups. Many hotels will put together a package that includes stay, breakfast, packed lunches, and great dinners. Many even include a day trip or two for the group within the package.If you know how your family can have a luxury vacation without going out of pocket. Many travel directories like Yahoo bring together the best travel and vacation offers. The World Wide Web has changed the way people perceive the world and offer users a great many advantages.

Dive Cameras Rugged Enough For All Sports and Outdoors

Digital cameras are great but many of them aren’t up to taking a whole lot of abuse. It actually seems like the older film models were more robust. When I’m on vacation or otherwise involved in some activity outdoors I really hate having to always be mindful of the camera.Depending on the weather and locale, if you’re outside, there’s a better than average chance of being splashed or rained on, not to mention getting sandy or muddied. Often its travel and holiday photographs we want to capture, and beaches, mountains, etc., tend to be common vacation settings.Also it’s while enjoying the great outdoors that cameras tend to get bumped around or dropped – at least more so than indoors where we aren’t usually as focused on playing.Well the good news is you can finally get a digital camera that is both rugged and waterproof, without breaking the bank.I discovered this when looking into replacing my dive camera. In the past these underwater cameras were mostly regular land cameras fit into a waterproof housing. There were a few that had camera and housing integrated into a single unit, but they were a bit clunky for using on land.Now at long last, a few manufacturers of waterproof cameras have come up with digital cameras that are themselves watertight to various depths, and they require no additional external housing. The cool thing is they have settings that can be changed depending on whether you are shooting above or below water.In “undersea” mode, the shutter speed and aperture adjustments help compensate for lower lighting conditions typically encountered under water. When switched to “land” mode they work like any other land camera allowing the user to adjust to conditions encountered above water.To help make these dive cameras rugged, the cases themselves are impact resistant polycarbonate or other composite materials, with rubber cushioning at key points. You can drop one from several feet up and not faze it a bit.The compact size and light weight (just over a pound) make them as convenient as any land only version, and picture quality isn’t sacrificed for small size. These digital dive cameras capture ultra sharp, high-resolution images, even while overcoming poor lighting.The biggest benefit is no longer needing multiple cameras. I can use one that’s perfect not just for scuba diving, but for hiking, mountain climbing, ocean kayaking, going to the beach, being out on the boat, and pretty much any other activity one might think of. Plus I never have to worry about protecting it from accidental abuse.And here’s some more good news if you aren’t a diver. Dive camera makers also produce less expensive models for snorkeling. They’re usually good down to around 10 feet which is plenty for snorkelers, but also works for staying protected from things like rain and water parks.