Hotel and Holiday Booking – 6 Ways to Save Money on Your Travel

Have you been planning a vacation or a quick getaway? If you are, it is obviously important that your holiday is perfect. For this, the right planning is the first step. If it’s a known destination, you could do with planning yourself. However, if it’s an unknown venture, you must take the help of a professional, who has the right resources and expertise to help you. Herein we provide some tips on how to plan the perfect getaway without paying enormous bills.1. Hiring the services of an expert
As mentioned above, unless you’re an expert on the destination, it would be a great idea to hire the services of a travel agent or travel company. With the increase in the number of OTA’s, you would actually be spoilt for choice. With their domain knowledge and expertise you might actually be able to save some money. Sign up for their newsletters, mailers and travel alerts so you are the first one to know on any special offers that come up. A number of travel companies also provide special deals and discounts on using a certain credit card – so check out on those before you book.2. Planning ahead
This one is kind of tricky. How early is enough? I’d say that you should start planning at least 2 months in advance. This is especially important if you are planning to travel in the peak season or your kid’s summer holidays. Start doing your research online and check out on rates available. The earlier you book, the better your chances of bagging a cheap deal!3. Travelling during off-season
Unless imperative, skip the actual holiday season and travel when it is low. Alternately, travel to places that are not likely to be thronged with tourists during your holiday. The lower the season is, the higher your bargaining chances.4. Selecting an all-inclusive tour package
Unless you are going camping and backpacking, get an all-inclusive tour for yourself. This has two advantages: if you book with all inclusions, you’re likely to get a cheaper deal, since separately, various elements like transfers and meals tend to cost more. Also, a pre-planned trip takes the load off your head when it comes to securing inclusions. I recommend packages that at least include transfers, some sightseeing and breakfast.5. Save money on hotels
You don’t always have to stay at a five-star hotel – there are a huge number of 3 star hotels too that provide great service at really affordable prices. An alternate to this would be staying at a service apartment that comes with good rooms, a kitchenette and even the services of a butler.6. Research online
This is best done by logging on to travel websites that often feature deals and discounts. If you’re booking a hotel, you could also research on the hotels own website – they often have lower deals than most OTA’s. Not just the price, I recommend checking up on the user ratings and reviews posted by actual customers as well as photos of hotels and rooms.Budget travel must never be a horrid experience. When done through the right channels, they actually turn out to be really memorable experiences. With some simple tips and tricks, you can actually save enough to spend on really meaningful things – such as shopping or a nice meal for the two of you!